The world’s most powerful SaaS platform for managing global content

Major Studios and Digital Platforms use STOREFRONT® every day to manage global content distribution, make data-driven content decisions and automate time-consuming workflows.

Customers And Platforms

Workflow Automation

STOREFRONT® enables self-sufficient, fast, and efficient execution of avails and price management without all the emails and spreadsheets. Users can relieve bottlenecks, improve collaboration with partners and redirect resources toward strategy development.

Market Intelligence

Gain valuable insight into comprehensive Movie and TV data across 20 leading global and local platforms in more than 130 territories. STOREFRONT® offers real-time visibility into content marketplace trends through the world’s largest content database, with 2 million daily updates on 7 billion data-points (and counting).

Increased Revenue

Users are able to identify gaps & expansion possibilities and prioritize monetization opportunities by maintaining an edge over the competition, monitoring title availability and establish your role as leaders in your industry.


  • 130+ Territories
    Reach an engaged audience with access to global regions including Africa, Middle East & India; Antarctica; Asia Pacific; Europe & UK; Latin America & Caribbean; US & Canada.
  • 20+ Local and Global Platforms
    STOREFRONT® provides market insight into top digital platforms in the industry both locally and globally, including Amazon, DirecTV, AppleTV+, Disney+, Comcast, Movies Anywhere, Google Play, Maxdome, Microsoft, Netflix, Orange, Playstation, Sky, Youtube, Vudu, Hulu, FandangoNow.
  • 7B+ Data Points
    Drive important business decisions with a multitude of data points correlated to individual titles. The STOREFRONT® repository displays information across all available territories and languages including title data (title, synopsis, rating, cast/crew, genre, box office revenue, artwork), pricing and availability, charting and placement, rankings and ratings, public interest and sentiment on social media.
  • 5+ Years of Data History
    Having gathered data since 2015, STOREFRONT® offers access into the past to execute strategies in the present. Users can employ data-backed strategies based on a recent history of pricing and availability.
  • 2M+ Daily Updates
    STOREFRONT® collects data daily, ensuring a fresh and accurate view of title and availability data across all global platforms. Information is easily accessible on a centralized interface with users instantly alerted to information gaps based on a customized frequency of reporting.

Avails Normalization and Management

  • Avail Ingestion and Output: Automatically ingest Avails in varying formats, including industry standards like EMA, and convert them to your desired specification
  • Avail Creation & Update: Create and update Avails quickly and easily through automated deliveries, including 100% automated iTunes avail delivery, so correct information is available for all titles on all global platforms
  • Process Automation: Eliminate manual back and forth communication with full transparency into the end to end process

Title Verification & Performance Tracking

  • Title Monitoring: Provide automatic reporting to audit title availability, monitor partner compliance and track chart performance
  • Title Placement: Optimize your title placement and correlate title charting with revenue
  • Revenue Protection: Protect revenue at initial launch with “live status” confirmations and exception alerts verifying your digital catalog availability status

Price Management & Analysis

  • Temporary Price Reduction (TPR): Automate temporary price reductions (TPRs) and permanent price reductions across your entire worldwide catalog
  • Price Promotion: Customize and pre-set price promotions with suggestions across multiple titles, territories and retailers
  • Refined Pricing: Refine pricing with insight on genre, time period, price band, variance, sensitivity and more

Industry & Competitor Insight

  • Marketplace Data: Navigate easy-to-use dashboard and detailed views of marketplace data with advanced searching and filtering capabilities
  • Competitor Strategy: Understand your competitors’ content strategies and capitalize on marketplace dynamics in real time
  • Uniform Tracking: Identify gaps in offerings with visibility into 130+ territories through a uniform tracking system

Pre-Live Monitoring

  • This feature alerts users if titles are released early or go live late.
  • Protect your Digital Revenue: Worldwide monitoring of key digital platforms ensures you are made aware of any titles going live early so that your team can take immediate action, get titles taken down, and protect your new release digital revenue.
  • Daily & Hourly Worldwide Monitoring: Titles are typically at digital retailers well in advance of going live.  Pre-live monitoring can begin daily checks as soon as the risk of going live early exists.  The system automatically begins hourly checks 48 hours before release and continues until 48 hours after release.  


STOREFRONT® helps us centrally manage the availability, pricing and placement of our Warner Bros. titles and gives us valuable insight into what the competition is doing in over 130 markets. Now we can easily find and correct missing or mis-priced titles, verify proper windowing, analyze competitive pricing and check retailer compliance. It’s been an essential tool in helping us grow digital revenue through improved merchandising and more effective pricing.

Executive Director
Warner Bros. Entertainment

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