Creating and delivering a new world of channels

Premiere Digital™ develops channels for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon and other OTT platforms

Premiere Digital™ supplies OTT providers with top-selling independent content – and an effortless way to transform that content into traffic-driving channels. We help set commercial and technical requirements, review and recommend high potential channel partners and manage your obligations to content owners, from contracts to royalty payments.

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Channel Capabilities

We have the workflows, scale and delivery experience to help content owners with channel-worthy programming meet the commercial requirements and technical specifications for OTT channel platform partners. Our channel service is built to serve both direct and aggregated content owner relationships.

Channel Guidance

We manage the detail of launching and managing your channel so you can focus on creating a compelling destination point for discovery and entertainment. We guide you through the entire process with Premiere’s efficiency, transparency and consistency.
Compare Aggregated and Direct Relationship Content Owners Aggregated Channels
Platform channel curation, approval and onboarding
Feed creation and hosting
Asset upgrades and normalization (Video, Audio, Text, Artwork, Metadata)
Preferred Partner-quality media services and delivery
Spec adherence and quality control
Avails and catalog backfill
Content security
Commercial threshold approvals
Royalty payments

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