Media asset supply chain – made simple.

Enterprise-class, fully-customizable SaaS software that streamlines and automates media asset workflows for Film and TV, with complete oversight and 24/7 visibility into every title, asset and order.

PDX™ Automation

PDX™ simplifies the complexity of more and more titles, asset types, metadata models and languages with intuitive dashboards and other powerful tools that prioritize and execute tasks, all in one centralized interface.

PDX™ Transparency

PDX™ let’s everyone know exactly when assets are ordered, processed, packaged and delivered, with shareable views of high-level and detailed workflow data.

PDX™ Scalability

With its customized, cloud-based workflow, PDX™ is media asset supply chain to scale, capable of executing multiple data-heavy tasks simultaneously  a flexible, open-API architecture makes it fully expandable and already-integrated with more than 20 other leading cloud-based applications.


  • 240+ Territories
    With 200+ languages and dialects, PDX™ users can access audiences worldwide with localized content.
  • 7 Business Models
    PDX™ manages avails for all major content revenue models, including EST, VOD, SVOD and AVOD, with metadata categorizations for 100+ genres.
  • 60+ Asset Deliverables
    From movie files to artwork to value added material, PDX™ handles every existing asset type.
  • 20+ Integrated Cloud Platforms
    PDX™ integrates with multiple vendors to ensure high quality content is delivered by the best in the business.
  • 20,000 Monthly Deliveries
    High delivery success rates to over 700+ platforms


  • View Customization: Customize views to easily access and update all your titles in one place
  • Title Categorization: Search, manage and organize titles by industry standards (e.g., EIDR) or categories you create
  • High-Level Visibility: Gain oversight over the status of assets, metadata & orders across multiple titles or see the history of a title’s versions over time


  • Asset Standardization: Ingest assets in standardized ways to improve automation of downstream processes
  • Status Monitoring:  Prioritize tasks across multiple workflows by identifying missing items and upcoming deadlines
  • Asset Management: Manage replacements, restorations and deletions for 30+ supported asset types across existing repositories.


  • Order Creation: Expedite orders with custom-built templates
  • Order Management: Create, track and update orders while monitoring order transitions and checking the status of specific deliverables
  • Order Delivery: Ensure secure delivery to select endpoints, including platforms, encoding facilities and translation facilities 


  • Customized Dashboards:  Navigate and create tailor-made dashboards for individual and group users with PDX™ Views and manage workflows with Client and Administration overviews
  • Search and Filter:  Find the exact information you need with quick and advanced Search and Filter capabilities
  • Report Generation: Export and share reports with specified criteria most relevant to individual user


    PDX leverages industry-leading platforms like Adobe Media, TeleStream and FFMPEG to record, encode, transcode and stream multimedia files that play on any entertainment device worldwide.
    PDX takes advantage of multifaceted tools like Adobe Premiere, MediaInfo, FFPROBE and EMOTION to perform virtually any required file management service, including introspection and analysis, normalization, editing, tagging, QC and repair.
    PDX powers the quick turn, automated cloud-based processing of high-volume files into hundreds of formats with the help of workflow management tools like Bonita, Hybrik and Image Magik.
    PDX uses Aspera and other state-of -the-art file transfer platforms to deliver massive amounts of data and content to thousands of global endpoints every day, quickly and securely.
    PDX scales capacity to reduce cost and improve performance on high-volume data storage, backup, archival and preservation by partnering with top providers like Black Pearl, Isilon, Reach Engine and SwiftStack.
    PDX harnesses sophisticated identification intelligence and advanced authentication technology from companies like Splunk and Ping to make simultaneous multi-platform sign-ons secure and imperceptible.
    PDX is integrated with a multitude of other complementary supply chain solutions, enabling time-saving functions like order import, parallel-path asset localization and auto-population of ratings information, creating a truly global, end-to-end service.
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