Preparing and delivering your content worldwide

Leverage our connection to 1000+ content owners and 800+ digital platforms including strategic alliances for creative services and localization.


  • Ingest
    Send us your media assets (digital or physical) in any form via digital delivery, hard drive or physical media. Metadata can be ingested via emailed spreadsheet, upload or API. We’ll ingest everything and associate it to your titles quickly and securely via our Cloud-based systems. We manage all asset types and metadata, in multiple languages, including Video (4K, UHD, HDR, SDR, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HD, SD and 3D), Audio (Dolby ATMOS, 7.1, 5.1, Stereo, Music & Effects and Audio Description), Text (Closed Captions, Subtitles, Subtitles for Deaf & Hard of Hearing and Forced Narratives), Art, Chapter Images, Dub Cards, QC Reports and Scripts.
  • Quality Control (QC)
    We know what it takes to get content delivered successfully the first time, every time. Our QC services are built into workflows to meet the specific requirements of your content’s final destination. We use a combination of human, “eyes-on-screen” QC and industry-leading tools like Interra System’s Baton to flag and fix issues before delivery.
  • Repairs
    We have the expertise and software tools in-house to repair damaged or incomplete assets, including digital video hits, audio drop-outs, bad cadence, interlacing, blended and repeat frames, macro-blocking, remove bars, tones and slates and much more.
  • HDR and Dolby ATMOS
    We have the tools and expertise to create UHD and HD SDR masters from UHD/HDR sources, create HDR10 metadata from HDR source material, burn subtitles into UHD/HDR sources (matching luma levels of existing text in program) and create Dolby Vision IMFs for archival purposes. For Dolby Atmos we can stitch ATMOS reels into continuous play files, conversions between DAMF and ADM WAV formats for archive and delivery and creations of ATMOS bitstreams (EC-3). See Conformance section as well.
  • Conformance
    We have the skills and tools to correct the common problems that cause misaligned audio and text. We can also ensure assets conform to the unique specifications required by digital platforms and broadcasters worldwide. HDR services include conformance of HDR masters to existing HD masters, audio and text assets, Dolby Vision Metadata sync against picture (including timecode offsets and color primary adjustments for Rec 2020 vs P3 D65). We also conform Dolby ATMOS to align with existing UHD/HD masters and audio.
  • Creative Services & Localization
    If your titles need creative services or localized assets, we have a broad range of services available for long form and marketing assets (e.g. trailers, clips, spots). We can expedite and administrate these services through a number of strategic alliances with world class partners.
  • Transcoding
    We have a host of On-Prem and Cloud-Based tools that enable us to transform media files to any specifications or formats required, at scale. This includes working with any format types including 4K, HDR, IMF, DPP and more.
  • Content Security
    Content providers trust Premiere Digital with pre-release and early window content. We use industry leading watermarking technologies, the latest fingerprinting software for blocking and tracking on key websites and employ content spoilage as required by our partners and workflows.
  • Packaging
    The requirements for packaging assets and metadata for multi-point distribution are complex with most digital platforms demanding deliver in their own unique configuration, including iTunes (.itmsp), Apple TV App (.itmsp), Amazon (MEC/MMC) and many more. With more than 18,000 packages delivered each month, we can create the packages you need at scale on a regular basis. In addition, we take a leadership role with video platforms and cross-industry associations to create a more standardized digital future.
  • Delivery
    We deliver large volumes of assets and packages day in and day out leveraging secure delivery tools and our 40GB dedicated bandwidth. We can deliver your content worldwide to more than 700 Digital Retailers, OTT platforms, Broadcasters, MVPDs, Cable/Satellite providers, and in-flight entertainment (IFE) In addition, we are continually onboarding new delivery endpoints to meet our partner’s needs.


Premiere is built for growth. We use state of the art technology to outperform in the areas of efficiency, scalability and speed to market. With new services rolling out at lightspeed, our ability to onboard, and deliver effective readiness exceeds our client expectations. New markets open new revenue opportunities and our plan is business-ready for all of them.


We give our clients 24/7 visibility to order and asset status, tracked through Premiere Digital’s Portal in real time. Due dates and delivery status by department (Client Services, Mastering, Fulfillment) are available along with ingest of localized metadata, business terms and endpoint delivery destination.

Customer Service

Premiere Digital™ provides well-trained, best-in-class customer service professionals who exceed client expectations. We outperform the competition and overdeliver to our customers through intelligent operations, superior organization, diligence and hard work.
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