Unfortunately our servers have detected that you were sent here via a domain that looks similar to ours but is not owned by Premiere Digital. Because of this, we believe that you may be the potential victim of a recent complex personal information and financial scam.

Some bad actors are claiming to be HR representatives of Premiere Digital and making innocent people believe that they have been hired as a new employee. Unfortunately this is not true but because they are sending emails from a similar domain to ours and set up a redirect of that domain to our main website, they are giving the appearance that these job offers are legitimate.

We are currently working with agencies like the ICANN and others to try and force a take down of these domains to hopefully put a permanent end to this scam but for the time being, the best we’ve been able to do is redirect you to this page if we can tell you’re coming from one of those fake domains.

Please feel free to let us know on our contact page if you believe you are a victim of this scam with any information you can provide us as we are giving that information to state and federal authorities so that they may hopefully be able to bring those behind this to justice.

Thank you.

Premiere Digital

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